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Remember when you were a kid going to the Jersey Shore? Everyone spent hours on the beach, splashing in the surf and sunning themselves in the sand. Food tasted better and the boardwalk attractions lit up as the sun went down. Today's Ocean Beach offers all that excitement and more.

Many visitors enjoy the nostalgic feel of the area. You can still walk to the ocean barefoot on the cool, sandy streets in Unit III, enjoy cold ice cream on a hot night at one of the three ice cream parlors, and play miniature golf at two courses that have not changed in decades. It’s also a short car ride to two popular boardwalks, one in Point Pleasant Beach, and a larger one in Seaside Heights. For more ideas and what to do and where to do it, visit our area attractions page.

If you are like us, you enjoy seeing glimpses into our past: old photos, postcards and memorabilia all bring you back to a simpler time. Below are some of the images we have collected over the years that shows just how much Ocean Beach has changed....

...or hasn't....

The 1940s

House 1940s $2095

This model home was built in Ocean Beach Unit I in the late 1940's.  Only 25 of this one bedroom cottage were ever built. The big sale price tag reads "$2,095" - less than the taxes are on the house today.

House $2495

This two bedroom model was built in Ocean Beach Unit II in the late 1940's.

First Sale Contract

Does a $10 deposit seem to be too much for a lot in Ocean Beach?  It didn't in 1946.  This is the first contract to purchase a lot in Ocean Beach for a grand total of $650!  And no, the Stolze family does not still own the property.

First Cottage Unit II This is the first cottage built in Unit II (completed in 1947).  The house still stands today and is located at 23 East Chadwick Way.
Aerial 1940s

This shot was taken in the late 1940's as Unit II was being built.  If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you can see the Ocean Beach Sales Office near the center of the photo.

1940 Postcard

This postcard from 1949 shows Unit II looking from the ocean to the bay. The vacant land to the left is now Monterey Beach.

Clearing Land
Looking towards the bay in 1947.  Much of the land needed to be cleared and filled before the streets could be developed.
East Bayberry

Once the work of clearing the land was complete, cottages began to appear.  This is a view of East Bayberry Way in Unit II.

East Chadwick Way At this point several houses are complete.  This is a view of East Chadwick Way in Unit II.
Rental card

In the late 1940's, before the Ocean Beach Rental Agency existed, several early Ocean Beach owners rented their cottages on their own.  Pictured is an early rate card from one such owner.

Unit II Beach

As you can see the beach was not very crowded in 1947.

Homeowner 1940s In 1948, 7 East Tide Way was built in Ocean Beach Unit II.  Gregg Heimall (pictured on the left at age 4) stopped by our office to share photos of the construction with us.
Stage Cottage Early stages of construction.
Area construction Some of the surrounding houses are complete.
7 W Tide completed Finished!
Welcome to 7 East Tide Way in Unit II.  The house still stands today but is no longer numbered 7.
Today it is 45 East Tide.
Ricketts Honeymoon '48 This is Ed and Betty Rickkett on their honeymoon in 1948 in Ocean Beach. Thank you to their son, John, for sharing this photo. If you click on it you will see some more Ocean Beach snapshots from the Rickett family who have spent many summers in Ocean Beach.

The 1950s-1960s

Rent card 1950s

Taken from a 1953 rental agreement, this is a rate chart for rental properties in Ocean Beach.  How does $140 per week for ocean front sound? (Click image to enlarge)

License plate topper

Penny Stab was nice enough to bring in this 1950's Ocean Beach license plate topper.  Her grandparents (the Lorber's) owned a house in Unit III for nearly 30 years.

Aerial 1950s

Click to enlarge this 1950s aerial view of Unit III.  You will notice that the southern portion of Unit III is not yet developed. The peninsula that juts out into the bay in the center of the photo is West Bayview Drive.

Ocean Beach Aerial 1957
Click on the image to see a larger version of this map which shows Ocean Beach II and III, as well as a partially developed Seacrest Beach and Monterey Beach.
Aerial 1960s

Only a decade later on West Bayview Drive, most lots are developed on the bay and cove sides.  Also, the boat basin bridge and Route 35 South are still a future project. Click to enlarge.

Melody Lane 1

Shown is the future site of Melody Lane in Unit II, looking west from Route 35 South (circa 1960).  Cottages on left are just off Harbor Drive.  If you click on the photo you will see a larger version, as well as an old photo showing the completed Melody Lane (circa 1966) and a photo showing how everything looks today.

Frank Robl, OB II 1950s
Frank Robl, of the Ocean Beach & Yacht Club Patrol, owned three cottages on West Chadwick Way. Click on the truck to see a photo of the rest of the family. This image won first place in our 2010 photo contest. Thank you to Lisa Marie Courtney!
109 W Chadwick
This is a photo of 7 W. Chadwick Way in Ocean Beach II, which is now #109. Thanks again to Lisa Courtney.
110 W Marlin, Mildenberger
In 1953, this cottage used to be 12 West Marlin-it's now 110 and still owned by the Mildenberger family of Tenafly NJ. This image was our third-place finisher in our 2010 photo contest, submitted by the Mildenberger family.  Click on the photo for a closer look and another vintage shot.
Fishing in OB II In this photo, Joe Fikentscher's father reels in a big one on his dock at 3309 Moonrise Lane in OB III around 1953.
1965 Brochure

Click on the image to the left to view the inside of this 1965 Ocean Beach brochure.  You will see that the typical two bedroom cottage rented for $100 per week.

Aerial ofront 1960s

This aerial view of Unit III was taken in the early 1960's.  Click on the image to enlarge.

A&W Root Beer

A&W Root Beer was located on Route 35 North in Unit III until the mid '70s.

Ocean Beach Marina

This is a poscard taken from the Ocean Beach Marina facing towards Sailfish Way in Unit III.

Lagoon Fronts 1960s

Lagoon front cottages in Ocean Beach Unit III circa 1960. You can see that there are no bulkheads, just sod banks.  The bulkheads were added at a later date.

The back of this postcard reads "Small boat basin, Ocean Beach, New Jersey."  This is an early view of the Unit III boat basin.  If you look carefully you will see there are no bulkheads and a small bridge spanning the back side of the boat basin.

Ocean Beach III oceanfronts This postcard shows the houses on the third row in Ocean Beach III. Note the original open-porch design.
Ocean fronts 1960s

Unit III ocean front cottages with their original windows.  No jalousie or Thermopane windows here, just push them open and prop them up.  The picture is circa 1960.

Beach badge 1967

We know many of you save your old Ocean Beach guest badges.  We are looking for the oldest one.
In the summer of 2003 a
long- time guest stopped in with this 1967 Unit II badge.
If you have an older one stop in with it, or email us a picture.

Storm 1962 1
This is a photo taken after the Storm of 1962 in Unit III on Seaview Road (Ocean Front Cottages On The Left And 2nd Row Houses On The Right). Click on it to see more photos of the damage that infamous storm caused.
Ocean Beach Flyer 1960
This is a brochure from 1960 describing Ocean Beaches "new" 3 and 4 bedroom cottages.
Ocean Beach 3 Roads
This is a photo of 123 West Bayview Drive from 1966. Click on the photo to read about something we never knew about Ocean Beach III.
Cetnarski 22 W Sea
From 1964, the Cetnarski family in front of 22 W. Sea Way (now #122) in OB II. Click here to see more photos from the family. Thanks to Nancy Ilaria!
Balecki House OB 1
Little Audrey Osetek and Eva Marut on East Bay Avenue in Ocean Beach I in 1957. Note the sand streets-now only Ocean Beach III has sand roads.


This is what our sales & rental sign used to look like. This photos was taken in the early 1980s.
Pilisworth OB III
Ken Pilisworth with his two kids, Kerry and Kenny, outside of what was then 16 E. Plover (now #24), OB III, circa 1975.
Ocean Beach Sales & Donut Shop
Children playing on West Chadwick. The Ocean Beach Sales office has changed (it's now blue) but the donut shop hasn't aged a bit! Left to right: Bonnie Dolgos, John Dolgos, Lisa Tatulis Courtney.
ELma Dolgos OB II
Alma Dolgos, on duty as a badge checker at the beach entrance near the top of East Chadwick Way, 1986.
OB 2 Sticker 1979
A parking sticker for Ocean Beach II.
Ocean Beach Flyer 1970s
A colorful brochure from the 1970s
Hurricane Irene Flooding
Hours after Hurricane Irene roared through Ocean Beach on Aug. 28, 2011 , the bay was still covering Rt. 35 South by the Ocean Beach Marina.
Dairy Queen Present
The Dairy Queen has been serving treats in Unit III since the 1960s.
Channel Marker Cafe
A beautiful sunset as seen from the Channel Marker Cafe, which opened in 2011 at the Ocean Beach Marina.
Ocean Beach III Lifeguard
Crashing Waves in Ocean Beach.
Bonita Fourth Flags
West Bonita Way homeowners show their patriotism on the Fourth of July.
Gazebo Unit II
The gazebo in Unit II has a wonderful view of the Barnegat Bay.
Elmo Sunny Hunny
Elmo has been greeting diner outside of Sunny Hunny pancake house in Ortley Beach for years...the kids love him!
Meg's Grill is one of the local favorites for breakfast and lunch. Get there early because in the summer there's always a line!
Lenny's Pizza
Everyone knows Lenny's Pizza. Can't beat the thin-crust pizza!
Crab's Claw
The Crab's Claw has been a favorite watering hole for more than 30 years.
Sunrise 2010
A beautiful Ocean Beach Sunrise-Labor Day 2010
Go Away Sandy!
As Superstorm Sandy approached, no one knew what to expect.

OB 3 During Sandy

An intrepid Ocean Beacher cought this photo on the ocean block in OB III as the storm roared.

Aerial Ocean Beach III

The very first image most of us saw of our area was an aerial view taken from a helicopter as it flew over the ocean front in Ocean Beach III.

Seaview Road

Some homes were left intact but had four or more feet of water in them; others were destroyed but the crashing waves.

God Bless OB

The storm may have damaged our homes, but not our spirit!

OB Rebuilds

The recover was long and hard, but by the spring of 2014 construction was going full-force.
Ocean Fronts
A view of the Unit III ocean fronts pre-Superstorm Sandy.
The "new" Ocean Beach, two years after the Superstorm Sandy devastation.

Other Interesting Photos

Monica Freisem
This photo was the second-place winner in our first ever photo contest in 2010. Monica Freisem managed to capture a slice of Americana, and Ocean Beach!
Coast guard station

The US Coast Guard Station - Chadwick, N.J. - replaced station that burned 4-26-1923.  The station was located at the top of Kittiwake (location of current firehouse). This photo is from the late 20's or early 30's.  Thanks to Doris Simpson of Lavallette for the great photograph.

John and Pearl The past and the present together. The man seated is Fred Pearl, who along with his business partner, Ed Patnaude, developed Ocean Beach. He is seen here with his grandson, John McDonough, who is the current broker of Ocean Beach Sales
Ocean Beach Rental Agency.
Train Station

The Chadwick Penn railroad station on April 1, 1900 (looking from the bay towards the ocean).  The station was located at what is now the foot of West Amberjack Way, Ocean Beach Unit III.

Elf Christmas Even the Elf loves Ocean Beach!


If you have any other Ocean Beach memorabilia you would like to share with us, please drop it off at the Rental office. We will return it to you promptly. If you have any questions or comments or Ocean Beach memories you would like to share with us, please contact us.

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