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The Ocean Beach rental market can be competitive. Back in the early years of Ocean Beach, guests were content with homes that had no heat, no phones, no washers and dryers and, hard to believe, no televisions. Today's guests have many options when choosing a summer destination, so it is even more important for homes to have all the amenities and to be well-maintained. So if you want to rent your home to its fullest potential, keep in mind these important points:

  1. Location. Always the number one consideration for anyone renting in Ocean Beach. The closer to the water your home is, the more money it will get each week, and the more weeks it will rent. Ocean-front homes book well in advance and have the most repeat guests. Second-row (ocean view) homes book next, then ocean-block homes (east of Route 35 North), and then lagoon-fronts and middle-block homes.
  2. Size. The majority of Ocean Beach homes are 2 bedrooms, so homes with more bedrooms, and/or baths, can be popular and demand more money. Also, homes with larger living areas or additional outside space and parking are popular.
  3. Amenities. The more you offer, the more you make. Many people will not rent a home if it doesn't have central air or washer and dryer. Homes with these features can make more per week than a comparable house without these amenities. Features that are not as important but can sway someone to choose one house over another are dishwasher, extra televisions, WiFi Internet access, larger baths and/or bathrooms with tubs.
  4. Condition. A house that is clean and neat will show better than a neglected house. And many guests will return year after year if they see that the owners care about the condition of the house. Owners should make sure that their rental properties have all the necessary appointments that the guests will need for their stay. We also recommend having professional cleaners do an opening cleaning in the beginning of the season. Our guests are expected to leave their rental properties broom-clean, but sometimes they miss areas that a professional will not. Homeowners need to have their house checked after each guest.

Other important facts about renting a home with Ocean Beach Rental Agency:

  1. Income. Gross seasonal incomes vary greatly, with a range from $6,000 to more than $70,000 per summer season.
  2. Length of a Rental Season. This number also varies: the closer to the ocean, the more weeks you will rent. Ocean fronts tend to book from mid-May through mid-October, or about 22-24 weeks. Second-row homes normally rent from Memorial Day through Labor Day, which is normally 14-15 weeks. Other ocean block homes can expect about 10-13 weeks, depending on location and condition. Homes on the middle block normally rent for the 8-9 prime weeks. Lagoon fronts normally book, on average, 14 weeks.
  3. Weekly Rates. Ocean Beach Rental Agency provides each owner the most accurate prices based on comparable rentals. Contact our office for more information.
  4. Expenses. Rental Commission: Ocean Beach Rental handles everything involving the listing, booking and renting of our owners' properties. Our rental commission is 12%. Rent is normally collected in two installments, with the first one due at the time of signing the lease, and the second a month before arrival. Inspection: Toms River Township requires that all homeowners who rent their properties obtain a "rental certificate of occupancy" before each rental season. The fee is $100, and re-inspection fees are $50. The Ocean Beach Rental Agency provides all the necessary paperwork to the homeowner. Utilities: Electric, gas, sewer, water, cable, internet and phone service are paid for by the homeowners. We do not charge our guests for any of these services.

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